Mindfulness and Trauma Therapy

Mindfulness is a way to transform memories and problem stories to create new possibilities. It can help you to liberate thoughts and emotions that got stuck in the wake of trauma. Let me help you to find out what really matters to you right now.

In my trauma therapy and recovery program you will learn contemplative practices that increase awareness of your body, emotions, and thoughts. Mindful Relations Trauma Therapy is based on an innovative curriculum that combines evidence-based mindfulness practices and Narrative Therapy. It opens up new possibilities that go beyond habitual responses to abuse, pain, and relationship problems.

Have you been exposed to emotional abuse, physical injury, death or the threat thereof? Mindfulness changes how you relate to traumatic memories, hypervigilance, and avoidance of triggers. It commonly increases compassion for yourself, particularly when you feel ashamed for what happened to you or for how you responded.

In conjunction with narrative integration of traumatic memories any survivor can benefit from mindful awareness. It is key in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), as well as Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy.


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I don’t accept insurances. Sliding scale fee available from $100-$150.